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Jonathan Flicker

Jonathan Flicker is a scriptwriter with infectious enthusiasm, a passion for research, and an addiction to Goldfish Crackers.  After a brief love affair with Wall Street working for a big-time broker who ended up going to prison for insider trading, Jonathan changed course and moved to Los Angeles where he founded a production company to produce commercials for high-end hotels while writing at night. His screenplay ZEN CRASHING, a financial thriller, made the top thirty of the Academy’s prestigious Nicholl Fellowship and was optioned several times before selling to a Chinese financier. Jonathan followed that by co-writing his Nazi Hunting pilot idea, NAKAM with showrunner Sal Stabile which sold to the Weinstein Company. He went on to become a top-ten finalist in numerous writing competitions including Screencraft, Big Break, Launchpad and the CineStory Fellowship, before winning the 2019 Austin Film Festival’s AMC Drama Teleplay Award (out of more than 4,500 entries) with his gunrunning pilot, GHOSTRUNNER. In 2020, Jonathan was selected as one of their 25 Screenwriters to Watch .

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In 2021, Jonathan joined the writers’ room  at Tonal, a fitness technology startup with a cadre of celebrity backers including LaBron James, Serena Williams, and Steph Curry, that created the world’s smartest home gym ( In his time at the company, he worked alongside the leadership team to develop and write some of the company’s most popular projects including their first pro-athete series, “Tonal Golf” with five-time LPGA champion Michelle Wie West. Jonathan worked as a part of the content and editorial teams, scripting on-camera live and recorded programs as well as writing articles for Tonal’s digital magazine, “The Lift”. With a lifetime dedicated to health and fitness, Jonathan was the go-to scriptwriter for the company’s most technically demanding projects.  Flicker recently optioned his supernatural thriller screenplay, PARALLEL, which is currently out to financiers. 



Psychological/financial thriller.

Logline: A white-collar criminal is forced to match wits with a brilliant assassin after uncovering a far-reaching corporate conspiracy. 


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Contained supernatural/sci-fi thriller.

Logline: Trapped by a freak winter storm in their secluded home, a mother and her two daughters experience a series of paranormal events that tie their fates to a family murdered there over two hundred years earlier. 

The Man In The Shed

Grounded action/sci-fi thriller loosely inspired by the monster from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Logline: When a troubled thirteen-year-old boy from rural America rescues a dying fugitive with no memory of his past, he struggles to conceal the mysterious man from his abusive father and the military organization hunting him down.


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Credible Fear

Action thriller. A female driven EXTRACTION meets SICARIO.

Logline:  An ex-private military contractor, broken by the death of her son, is hired to help a Honduran deportee and his young daughter track down a flash drive with evidence of a far-reaching narco-conspiracy, putting them in the crosshairs of a brutal drug lord. 




One-hour crime thriller.

Logline: When a destitute single mother is blackmailed into running a Catskill Mountains arms trafficking operation, she must fight to shield her family from a violent white nationalist militia group that also happens to be her biggest customer.

WINNER – Austin Film Festival AMC Drama Teleplay Award
TOP 10 FINALIST – ScreenCraft Pilot Launch & CineStory Fellowship

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Double Effect

One-hour hybrid legal thriller.

Logline: A brilliant and idealistic law professor, obsessed with bringing down the nation’s largest pharmaceutical company, joins the world’s first bioethics law division at a top D.C firm, created to take on the country’s most controversial cases.

WINNER: ATX/Blacklist Pilot Competition
TOP TEN FINALIST: Final Draft Big Break & Launchpad Pilot Competitions

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One-hour crime drama set in the financial world.

Logline: An ambitious high school graduate, faced with a dead-end future, must turn to unscrupulous methods in order to climb the ranks of a cut-throat 1980’s Wall Street brokerage firm, but finds that his growing success comes with dark consequences.

SEMIFINALIST: ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

The Jazz King

One-hour historical limited series.

Logline: Based on the true story of how African American composer, Lieutenant James Reese Europe formed a military marching band that helped transform a shunned, ragtag Black national Guard regiment, the 15th New York, into the Harlem Hellfighters, one of the most decorated and feared allied units in WWI.

SEMIFINALIST: Austin Film Festival & ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Bloody Kansas

One-hour historical drama.

Logline: The secret friendship between the son of prominent Missouri plantation owner and one of his father’s slaves, leads him to turn against his family and join a notorious abolitionist in his bloody quest to end slavery, setting off a chain of events that leads to the Civil War.

SEMIFINALIST: ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition


(co-written with Sal Stabile) – One-hour historical thriller

Logline: Inspired by a true story of a group of Holocaust survivors who became the judge, jury, and executioners of surviving Nazis after the conclusion of World War II.

Sold to The Weinstein Company, but the rights were returned when the company went under. Directors attached. 


(co-written with David Frigerio) – One-hour sci-fi thriller.

Logline: After thousands of people underwent a procedure for genetic modification, many began to experience more than just the enhanced physical and mental abilities they were promised. A high incidence of psychotic and homicidal behavior began to appear, prompting the government to task a reluctant agent, himself a so-called “mod”, with hunting the most dangerous of his kind and bring them in… or bring them down. 

Developed with showrunner Michael Seitzman at Disney Studios.


Writer for the content and editorial teams. Scripted some of their most popular programs, wrote promos for social media, descriptions, and fitness articles for Tonal’s digital magazine, “The Lift”.

Self-owned production company producing commercials and in-room videos for high-end resorts.